CryNetwork.dll for FarCry 1.33 (Remove LAN IP Restriction)

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Create Date December 16, 2014
Last Updated October 15, 2017

This file is a LokalIP Fix, that makes your Server connectable to the Internet.

Means, players can connect into your server, from all over the world.
After the starting of your server, you can Register your server, in our Serverlist: Read More

Filename: CryNetwork.dll
Filesize: 684 KB
Filetype: DLL
MD5: 6d5095269fe4a29767f24120bd72253f
SHA-1: 76e9125c439b8381e510b4207154e8483192db58
SHA-256: 51c738b3ba7a5173cbac7b07bb66a7a3918e3e0e51fb9fd956d88abafc5da70d