About the LRv2 Extension

First at all, LRv2 Extension isn’t just another Extension made for FarCry Multiplayer, it is the result of years of development to improve and simplify the game, with the point making it easier for players to play the multiplayer part of FarCry.
(Since Ubisoft stopped their services for FarCry Multiplayer, LRv2 became one of the main solutions to continue playing our beloved FarCry)

Automatic map download

FarCry has arround thousands of custom maps, but the main problem is: Where to get them?
With LRv2 just join a server, and in the event you don’t have the map, the server is running, then it will be downloaded and installed automatically. Once the download finished you can directly join to the server.

The multiplayer menu

The LRv2 Multiplayer menu has become efficient, different serverlists, easy to use filters, mapdownloads, server and player counters, easy server registration and possibility to connect over IP:Port adress. Some of the most important functions are:
“Map Downloads” – Buttom: Panel where you can download individual custom maps.
“LAN” – Button: That’s the private network serverlist, it will detect gameservers in your private network. (Used for LAN-Party)
“Internet (LR)” – Button: Unofficial serverlist which contains playable FarCry servers where you can play on.
“Internet (UBI)” – Button: Official Ubisoft serverlist which contains playable FarCry servers where you can play on (Discontinued at September 2016).
“Server(s)” and “Player(s)” – feature: Tells you the number of servers and players which are currently online.

The “Internet (LR)” Serverlist

LRv2 provides a third Serverlist apart from the offical one, similar to the serverlist “FCMP” provided in the old times. Which allows players to play FarCry in case the official serverlist isn’t working for some reason. This allows players to continue playing FarCry Multiplayer when other servers are no longer available, therefore a solution to the problem.

Multi language

FarCry has several supported languages. The main popular FarCry versions are in English.
You were required to search in the internet the right language packs to set up your FarCry and translate into your own language.
With LRv2 this is already done for you. The Community is much larger than you think, it enabled the LR team to get the Multiplayer part of the majority of languages. Many panels, including UserPanel or QuickPanel have been translated by Community players into various languages.
Now just select your language in the the “Multiplayer Language” list in the Options panel.
(LRv2 just translates the main menu and multiplayer part of FarCry, singleplayer isn’t included.)

Once selected it will ask you to restart the game to apply the new settings, click “Yes” and the game will restart itself with the new language.

In-game UserPanel

Contains information about the server you are currently playing on.
Crosshair type and color list, which allows you to choose your personal crosshair.

Here you got a few examples of Crosshair Types:
and some Color examples here:

By clicking the “Votes” button, you got an improved voting panel which allows you to vote maps, restart map, vote kick players, etc.


This Admin panel might satisfy all needs of a Server Admin. It is based on the best of eXcaliTrone and Patch 1.40, it’s totally new versus Patch 1.33, this makes it quite more easier to administrate a server.
Admins can can easily decide to : 1) change map 2) restart current map etc.
They are also able to punish, kick or even ban players easily. Also it makes it easy to change the mapcycle or the Server Config.
Admins can also adjust quickly the number of players or teams if they aren’t balanced.

The new Login panel, makes it simple to save the login data of different servers. Just type in the RCon password and save the server data, once it’s saved the server appears on the left list. If an admin needs to quickly login into the Admin panel, double click onto the server in the list. Click “Login” and choose your settings.


In previous patches you were able to disconnect from a server. However you had to search the server again to reconnect on it. Now you can easily press the “Reconnect” button to quickly fix lags or problems you had previously.

FFA / TDM Characters

Well known chraracters from ASSAULT mode have been added into the selection of FFA / TDM.

New and improved gamemodes

CTF – Capture the Flag
It’s not pretty new, it existed as a FarCry Mod back in the days, and also in eXcaliTrone v3 until Patch 1.6 it was included. LRv2 also included the CTF gamemode, and improved it a bit more, few more bugs have been solved.
What is CTF and how to play?
CTF – Capture the Flag is a team based game (red and blue), both teams must steal the flag of the opposide team and bring it to they own base to point. In case they own flag has been stolen already the team must recover they own flag first before being able to point by bringen the flag of the opposide team into they base. It’s quite a tactical gameplay. Many maps are available.

CAH – Capture and Hold
The CAH – Capture and Hold gamemode is quite similar to the CTF gamemode, but instead of being a team based game it’s completely Free For All (FFA). Since it’s very similar to the CTF gamemode and it also contains a flag which has to be grapped and hold, it had the same bugs which have been fixed the same way.
What is CTF and how to play?
Like already said it’s very similar to the CTF gamemode, but instead of being a team based game it’s completely free for all. There exists one single flag on the map which has to be capture by any player, he must hold it as long as possible, in case he dies he will lose the flag, and another player will grap it. There are not so many maps available for that gamemode as for CTF, but a few.

CTB – Capture the Transmission Base
It’s the first gamemode based on our beloved ASSAULT gamemode. It’s a very similar gameplay to assault, but a few changes make that it’s more different, interesting and fun to play.

What is CTB and how to play?
It’s kind of a normal ASSAULT gameplay, but instead of capturing a flagpole you capture a computer base. There are two teams (red and blue) one defending and the other one attacking:

Defender: They need to stay near to they computer base and avoid that anybody from the opposide team gets to the base to start up the data transmission, in case an attacker got there and started the transmission the defenders are required to eliminate the guilty person to stop the transmission – the guilty attacker has a skull sign over it’s head to identify. However it’s not so easy as it sounds since the person might be defended by it’s attacker teammates.

Attacker: They need to get to the base of the opposide team and start the data transmission, once started the attacker has to stay in between a radius of a few meters, in case the attacker goes to far from the transmission computer the transmission will be interuppted, same as when he dies. His teammates must defend him and avoid that he dies. Teammates can see in they own game HUD if the medical state is critical, also if he goes too far from the base his teammates are able to see it in the HUD.

HUD and Ingame effects:
DefenderTeam-Skull Effect: If an Skull effects appears over the head of an player than this might be an Attacker, and that’s also the attacker which started the transmission and has to be eliminated to stop the transmission. (Just visible for Defenders)

AttackerTeam-Medic Sign: The medic sign appears for any attacker to informe about the critical medical state of the teammate which actually started the transmission, you must increase his health or defend him better against the defender team.

AttackerTeam-Radius Sign: The radius sign means that the attacker which actually started the transmission is going out of range to the compter base, he must go back, in case he goes out more he might lose the transmission.

AttackerTeam-Special Effect: The circular effect under the attackers feet tell the attacker which started the transmission, the effect has 3 types of colors, each color also tells the medical state of the player (This effect is just visible for Attackers):
Yellow: Everything is Okay, got enough medic.
Orange: Medic went less, but still okay.
Red: Not enough medic anymore, a few more bullets and his dead.