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Latest on 03.04.2020

gary: nice

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tulpner: Steam version works! Thanks alot for your great work. See you on the island!

Kr!eger: Hello Tulpner, as far as I know the Ubisoft uPlay version is broken. And the CD/DVD installtion has to be rightly done. When you install FarCry newly, you have to load the game and look if the patch is 1.0 or 1.1, if it's 1.0 you have to patch towards 1.1 and then towards 1.40 via the Cumulative Installer. I'm using Steam, there you get the FarCry completely patched and right! šŸ™‚

tulpner: Hi, I always get therror message "you fcdata file size isn't ok". I tried every recommendations from the forum. The file sizes are exactly the same than the screenshot in the forum shows. My Farcry installtion was patched to 1.4 and then I added LR3. I tried the installation from DVD and also the Ubisoft download version. Always getting the facdata filesize error. Do you have any further ideas for me?

Dayron: Thank you! It finally works. I had to do some cleanup in Bin32, FCData and in the main Far Cry folder.

Kr!eger: Hello Dayron, please be sure to have both files shown in your Screenshot in lower case. msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll Please don't use Patch 1.6 since it's not active anymore. Please start LR3 in the FCLoader to play FarCry MP.

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Our services

The LRv3 extension works over this unique webserver. This webserver gets paid monthly by the LRv3-Team to continue the following services:

- Since Ubisoft dropped they services for FarCry Multiplayer there isn't any serverlist available anymore. LRv3 fixed that problem and sponsors a database to keep up working an ingame serverlist, for easy connection to available farcry gameservers.

- Many websites where to download maps for farcry, aren't available anymore and disappeared over the last years, since LRv3 is one of the most used extensions for farcry multiplayer, it sponsors a community mapspace which allows players to download they missing maps ingame through the automatic map downloader when connecting onto a gameserver.

- LRv3 is an extension which gets updated once or twice a month. To make it easier to our players to update onto the latest version we sponsor an automatic updating system. This allows our team to continue working on FarCry, to improve it step by step.

To continue these three fundamental services for FarCry Multiplayer, it is needed to get a bit of support by the community, to continue forward our project.