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LRv3 — The multiplayer add-on from the community!

The LRv3 add-on is an extension to the original Far Cry game that brings back its multiplayer online functionality (dropped by Ubisoft in August 2015),
fixes lots of issues with the original game and adds many convenience features and enhancements for both players and server admins alike.
It has been developed over the course of several years and is built upon the input from the Far Cry community.

The goal of the LRv3 add-on is not to change the core gameplay like mods do, but to maintain the original Far Cry multiplayer as we have known it since 2004,
to improve it along the way and to add more options.

The LRv3 add-on provides you with an easy-to-use server browser, an automatic in-game map downloader, new and user-friendly menus and panels for simplified
game management, additional game modes and loads of bug fixes and improvements. No matter if you are a player, a mapper or a server admin:
We are sure you will like what our LRv3 add-on has to offer!

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