FarCry [LR] Extension

By clicking the “Download” button, you are able to download to latest version of our FarCry Multiplayer Extension. Please read and follow all installation steps below.

FarCry Patch 1.40 is needed! Otherwise LRv2 will not work.
Once downloaded, open up the Zip file and start up the Installer Exe.

Once started up, just click “Next”

Read the information below about the LRv2 Extension and click “Next”

Read the license agreement, and choose “I agree with the above terms and conditions” if you accept them. Otherwise choose “I do not agree” to cancel the installation.

Select the path to your FarCry Directory and click “Next” to finalize the installation.
For CD/DVD FarCry Players it used to be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry (or FarCry without Space)
For Steam Players it used to be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Far Cry (or FarCry without Space)

Review your chosen path where to install LRv2, and click “Start” to make the installation.

Once the Installation is done, the LR-Launcher is already launched. Otherwise just start it up using the new Icon you see on your Desktop.

The LR-Launcher
The LR-Launcher has a few useful extras to make it easier with FarCry: such as switching between LRv2 and FarCry Patch 1.4

On first running, you need to set the following stuff to configure it. To do that go to your Windows Notification Bar, and do right click onto the LR-Logo.

Now go to the Settings part of the Launcher and configure your settings.
(You can put your Ubisoft login data to it, which allows you to be automatically logged in into Ubisoft when starting the game through the Launcher.)

Now just go to “Game Patch” and click “Select” and chosse your FarCry Path, than click “OK”.

Now just go back to your Windows Notification Bar, do right click on the LR Icon and go “Play”, now you can choose between Normal FarCry or launching FarCry using the LR Extension V2. (Choose for “LR Extension V2”)

Now it tells you that the Patch has been loaden. So on just click “Yes”, to load up the Game.

* Some players might need to run the LR-Launcher with grant admin rights! To fix appear error messages.

* The LR-Addon Updates itself Automatically in case an Update is out. It’s needed to always Start FarCry using the LR-Launcher to have always the newest LR-Version on your FarCry Game. Otherwise you might get kicked from the LR-Servers.


If you got any errors, issues, etc. than feel free to take a look into the F.A.Q. forum, maybe your problem is already known and you can get the fix from there: Click me to visit the F.A.Q Forums

That’s it, now just start up your Game and start Playing FarCry!
Have Fun!