The LR FarCry Multiplayer AddOn
The LR-AddOn is a smart FarCry Modification that has been made for the Multiplayer version of FarCry enablingplayers to download quick, Custom Maps that are directly playable.
(The map download system)

Since the latest Updates, LR has been translated in various language!
(The language function)

Additionally, the old Vote Panel of Patch 1.40 has been removed and changed with a UserPanel of eXcaliTrone, that is much easier to use, especially Votings. Another feature enables the changing of Crosshairs, and Colors.
The Panel is easy to open up, by using a pre selected user key or ‘standard Keyboard key’ that enables the quick usage of the Panel whilst playing or in Spectator mode.
(The UserPanel (Crosshairs, Colors, Voting, TK options…))

Server Admins are easier to administrate the servers using the Server-Admin QuickPanel. New features, mean administration of your server will be quicker & easier. Instead of remembering Console commands, you can click a button.
The Server-Admin QuickPanel has been added like it’s predecessor in the old eXcaliTrone. It can be used while playing or in Spectator mode by using pre selected key or ‘standard Keyboard key’.
(The Serveradmin-QuickPanel (Server name, Password, Kick, Punish, Move, Set…))

Finally, the Internet (LR) serverlist enables you to view non UBI FarCry servers, not visible to users without the LR program, making it possible to connect, and play on them.
This feature previously existed as a FarCry Plug-In, named FCMP. It has been renabled in the LR-AddOn, as an added extra.
(The Internet LR Servers (How to add your server…))

Scripting/Coding: *RD*Kr!eger (*RD* RubberDucks)
Primary MasterServer by: *RD*Kr!eger (*RD* RubberDucks)
Secondary MasterServer by: iLLUSION (FarCry Patch 1.6 Website)
Old Primary MasterServer by: +SG+ Woodstock (+SG+ Spassgemeinschaft)
eXcaliTrone Permission: +SG+ Woodstock (+SG+ Spassgemeinschaft) & [SIG] Fusilier.CH([SIG] Clan)
Beta Testers: wTc Vollstrecker /// (FarCry Patch 1.6 Website)
LR-AddOn Game Translations:
Czech : -=!CzSvK!=- BackPa (
English : XT-Team, *RD*Kr!eger (
French : < MoS > Jack Daniels, Foto [MFA] (
German : eXcaliTrone & *RD*Kr!eger(
Polish : z!p4.K!en(
Russian : |NeXuS|KillerLex(E-Mail)
Spanish : *RD*Kr!eger(
Installer/Launcher Translations:
Czech: -=!CzSvK!=- BackPa (
English: XT-Team, Lara Croft *TAW*, *RD*Kr!eger (
French: < MoS > Jack Daniels
German: Tschiper & *RD*Kr!eger (
Polish: z!p4.K!en, z!p4.Prefix (
Portuguese: GeForceElite*DARKflare (
Russian: |NeXuS|KillerLex(E-Mail)
Spanish: *RD*Kr!eger (