Already created 2006 from the Community when FarCry was one of the most popular games ever, they’ve added many new stuff for the Multiplayer part of our beloved FarCry.
These functions existed in XTv3, XTv4, Patch 1.6, FarCry Mods, and have been added to LRv2 aswell.

The Community added:
– Custom Vehicles mod (Created 2006 by Clivey)
– Custom Vehicles (Created 2018 by Kr!eger)
– MP Physics (“MPPhysicsObj”) (Created 2006 by Alligator Jack and theGhost2006)
– MP Physics (“MPPhysicsObject”) (Created 2017 by Kr!eger based on MPPhysicsObj of XT-Team)
– MP Object Physics (Created by alias Alligator Jack)
– MP Triggers (Created by theGhost2006, improved of new Triggers added by Kr!eger/Astaron)

Custom Vehicles mod

Mappers were able to create they own Vehicles for FarCry, and add them to they Multiplayer maps without the need of scripting the vehicles behaivour by them selves.
Mappers were able to just include the Vehicles Files and Textures into the map file called “Level.pak”, renamed to the right Vehicle Entity.
Mappers can choose
“Car1” to “car10” Entity which are FarCry Buggy handling/speed behaivour.
“Car11” to “car20” Entity are Sports car handling/speed behaivour.
“Car5” is Quad bike Settings.

“fly1” and “fly2” Entity are SLOW flying vehicles.
“fly3” and “fly4” Entity are FAST flying vehicles.

“Boat1” to “Boat4” Entities are for boat vehicles.
“boat5” and “boat6” Entities are jetskis vehicles.

The following YouTube video has been created by Clivey.

By using the “CustomVehicle” entity created by the LRv2-Team mappers are able to create for customized vehicles, change speeds, behaivour, animations and sounds. Set the number of passagers able to use the vehicle, enable and dissable a gun, etc. Many more possibilites and much easier to use.

MP Physics

Mappers were able to select Standard objects or custom objects made by them selves. To make them moveable ingame. Players can touch or shout on these Objects, and they they will fly or move away.
In case these objects land in water, then they swimm on the water.
Also if these objects land on a player, or is pushed to a player, they are able to hurt or kill the player.

The “MPPhysicObj” entity in “Vehicles” has been created by XT-Team and hasn’t been changed since then.
The “MPPhysicObject” in “Others” has been created by the LRv2-Team and includes many fixes, it also includes more stuff. Mappers can set up this entity that way that players can take them in they hands, this is quite a changement cause it’s useable for the actuall player, kind of a HalfLife 2 function. (To take the object player must press the USE button, same as for vehicles)

Here you got another YouTube video created by Clivey.

MP Object Physics

Mappers are able to create objects which can be flameable, explodeable, moveable, etc. Many things are possible, and all these possibilities they haven’t been discovered by our Mapping Teams already.
So this special function gives many ways.

MP Triggers

Mappers are able to use nine diferent Triggers.
Some are rebuild from the original once created by Crytek for FarCry Singleplayer. These rebuilds have been created to a better cimpatibility with Multiplayer.

MP Counter Trigger -> Possibility of counting plus/minus, until a max plus/minus count. Once reached, and event can happen. Events can even happen whne +1 or -1 is counted.
MP Object Trigger -> Possibility of changing objects, exchanging objects, and make happen events once this happens.

MP Impulse Trigger -> Possibility of impulsing a player or an object. This trigger can push objects or players away, and make these for example fly in the air.

MP Proximitry Trigger -> Possibility of making happen something when a player/entity enters or leaves the proximitry trigger.

MP Random Trigger -> Possibility of making happen two diferent events. Chosen by and random number which calculates the chance. In case the chance is “True” a event is loaden. In case the chance is “False”, than another diferent event will be loaden. (This triggers gives the posibility to mappers, creating maps which aren’t lineal, which got diferent ways and stuff.)

MP Switch Trigger -> Possibility of switching on/off something. Example: You can use the MP Proximitry Trigger and connect it with the Switch Trigger, afterwoods connect the Switch Trigger with a dynamic light. Now in case a player enters the proximitry trigger, the light will swich on, in case the player leaves the trigger, the light will Switch off.

MP Timer Trigger -> Possibility of starting a timer, which also can be stopped. Events can happen when Starting the timer, stopping the timer, or when the time is over.

MP Ramdom Timer Trigger -> Possibility of starting a randomized timer. Events can happen at whatever moment, randomized events aren’t able to be controlled since the moment when it’s gonna happen always changes with each trigger time.

Hud Signs Trigger -> Possibility for mappers to make appear a texture on the HUD screen of the Player, selected team or Defenders/Attackers only.

Hud Text Trigger -> Possibility for mappers to make appear a text on the HUD screen of the player, selected team or Defenders/Attackers only.

These are many possibilites for mappers, many of these Triggers are often connected with the MP Proximitry Trigger, to allow the players to start timers, switch lights, etc.