This works only for Server Admins.
The Server-Admin QuickPanel, works identically to the one used in eXcaliTrone.
This Administration panel gives Server Admins simple admin decisions.

When required, kicking, banning or punishing players is swift by selecting them in the Yellow-Brown list.
Easy map changes, by selecting the game mode and the map, and clicking “Change”. Or skip a map by using the “Nextmap” button.

Admins can change the class of a player, for example from Gunner to Engineer, or from Sniper to Gunner. To move players in a Team, select the player in the Yellow-Brown list and select the Team (Red, Blue, Spectator)then click “Move player”. You can also force a player into a team, by entering a “1” into the Forced box.

You can also change your mapcycle or server config, by typing “Profiles/server/MAPCYCLENAME.txt” or “Profiles/server/MYSERVERCFG.cfg” into the “Server-CFG/Mapcycle File” box, and clicking “Change Mapcycle” or “Change Config”.

At the end, you can take Screenshots from Players, just select the player in the Yellow-Brown list. Click the “Get Screenshot” button. After a few seconds you will receive a new screenshot in the “screenshots/” directory on your FarCry Server. (This feature needs to be installed on the server)

The panel provides a simpler way to administrate your servers.

Information: You can open up the Admin Panel while playing or being in spectator mode, by using your chosen Key of the Panel-Manager, or by using the default key “Insert”.


How to login into my Server? 🙂

When you got open the QuickPanel, than just click the “Login” button on the left top. Than will appear the following Panel.


You got two ways to login.
You can just enter your RCON Password into the “RCon Password” field, and click “Login“.

Note: When the Status on the Right Top changes from “LOGGED OUT” to “LOGGED IN” than you are logged into your Server, and you are able to administrate the server.

When you are done, than just click the “Logout” button to logout from the server.

However, you can also Save the Server Information, and fill up the “RCon Password” field and click “Save“, than you will experience that your Server has been listed in the left “Serverlist“.

Now you can login into your FarCry Server by selecting the Server in the list, than click “Load

Note: You can also doble click the Server in the “Serverlist“, instead of Select and click “Load“.

Finally when the selected Server in loaded, just click “Login“, and “Logout” when you are done.
That’s the quickest way to login and administrate the server when it is needed.

When you got some problems or you need help, than just visit our Forums: Click me to enter or ingame click the “Infos and Help” Button.